Short Term Rehabilitation

short term rehab

Short stay rehab is designed to assist people who either need more intensive medical care than they could receive at home, or who have been discharged from the hospital but need additional time and support to recuperate and recover. Reservations for short term stays may be made in advance when scheduling surgery just prior to leaving the hospital. Alternatively, you can make reservations after you return home from the hospital and realize that you may need additional help.

The goal of Cortland Park’s short stay program is to help the resident recover quickly and return home. To facilitate this recovery, Cortland Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center provides experienced rehabilitative care for most clinical needs including but not limited to: orthopedic, joint replacement, amputations, stroke, wound care and cardiac rehabilitation. Cortland Care has an in-patient program for the cardiac care patient designed to increase strength, exercise tolerance and endurance.

Cortland Park is fortunate to employ the most experienced team of physical and occupational therapists in our community. Our rehab team provides care under the direction of an attending physician and an experienced consultant rehabilitative physiatrist to ensure our residents reach their rehabilitative goals safely and successfully – ultimately returning home from our health care center with the greatest amount of independence.

The Medical Staff is on-site frequently. Our team includes RNs with extensive hospital experience, Wound Care RNs, experienced LPNs, Certified Nursing Assistants, a case manager, a qualified dietician, a certified social worker and recreational therapist.

If you or your loved one needs more time to recuperate after a hospital stay, consider taking advantage of the excellent team at Cortland Park. We accept admissions from all local hospitals and referrals from other areas are also easily accommodated. Cortland Park makes the admission process as convenient as possible; we accept admissions at any time of day, any day of the week. Our “24/7” accommodating approach to admissions is appreciated by residents and their families.